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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

December already!

It struck me today, as the class went just that little bit better than expected with more interaction and discussion than usual, that there are not that many classes left. One of the students turned in his class project, which for your amusement I should tell you (as I told the class) is being graded based on artistic merit rather than technical difficulty. I must confess to being impressed. Probably the most original yet, and tempts me to try something similar, ah, so much to do, so little time.

Then meetings and meetings, and since one related to the heir to the Duchy a little fluid might have been spilt on the floor covering from the instruments being wielded to shape the opinions on opposing candidates. Yes there are very strong and opposing camps and there was a fair number of attempts to influence my vote and comments (from Hatless on to others). At this stage it is not possible to say who of the final three candidates will be appointed, though - depending on negotiations, we might know by early next year.

Tonight was the boiling of the carcase to be followed in due course by the making of the soup. (Children flee to the ends of the land to get away from this). It should now be totally dead and so it is time to go and strain it, before I forget.

Night, all.


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