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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Almost there

Well if I haven't bought a Christmas present then it ain't gonna get bought. Cuz I are done!

We threw away the old address book last year after carefully transferring almost all the addresses - missed a couple and now, of course, we need them but they are gone. Since we fly out on Thursday we haven't really decorated this year, and perhaps that is why we are having a hard time getting excited. Plus this is the first "we go there" instead of "they come here" Christmas and so the guard has changed. I have a feeling that we will likely change into this mode from now on. (It has a little to do with who can afford to travel, plus job related issues).

I was just thinking the other day, apropos the post on Alzheimers patients losing their sense of smell, that I can remember when my Dad did, and how irritated he was - not knowing what it fordained. Learned last night that our friend from Australia that visited earlier in the semester was separated from his wife since last January. It gives you a secondary guilt that we were with him for over a day and never asked about her. And somehow it never came up so the card yesterday was a shock (we had already sent off the card to the pair of them, plus kids). She had left him the week that her youngest child went off to college.

And so that makes you think. And so we wondered and couldn't get over it for a long time. Told the Administrator today and she was shocked too. They were married about 24 years. There was another couple just recently that split after 34 years, and a third just up the road that divided after about four. Makes you a little uncomfortable . . .


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