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Friday, November 05, 2004

Work helps

Perhaps last night's comment owes a little too much to the ongoing discussion that ended in the bar. For while the overall comments on our little workshop are long term true, there is a long way and a whole lot of things that have to happen before those changes might occur, and it will involve a whole lot of better qualified folk than your humble servant. But we were discussing the ways in which policy gets set, and where the experts are, and how, among other things, some of the larger companies are now moving significant parts of their research effort abroad.

The workshop itself was exhilarating - it was facilitated and this was a really good thing since at about 3:15 pm we were all tired (having flown in from various places then night before) and thinking of calling it quits for the night, but the facilitator told some funny stories and in two hours pulled about 250 ideas out of the group (we were less than 20 folk). Then today we refined and merged and debated and by the time we were done had this folded into five paths forward. My part was relatively minor but just being a part was great, though it continued, far too late last night. (Our concern is that it's fine making a roadmap but somebody has to drive along it, or in this case a whole lot of somebodies have to drive along it to make it work, and the question comes as to where the somebodies are).

Well, any hoo, it's going to be time tomorrow to get back into the routine, go prepare class, visit the bookstore, and off to the theater in the evening. ( And work out how I am going to politely express displeasure to a colleague on Monday - the down side of the job).


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