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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A tired day

By going to the county polls in Ohio I realized that by 1 am this was not going to be over, and went to bed (earlier than most it turns out) and then could not sleep. Up and off to prepare for class, the presentation for Szlachta to give to the wheel later in the week (and approve the little gift therefor that I spent an hour yesterday getting up to par - note that rolling up your pants to keep them dry only makes it worse if they get wet). Then after class to an Admin meeting run by the Prince, and then off to the airport.

This is being written in the Crowne Plaza in Crystal City, for some reason they now give aromatherapy (lavendar spray) for the sheets and a CD on relaxation, but I have to confess that rather than going off with everyone for a Hamburger, I snuck off for the odd heavy gin and lamb. so while the CD tells me to relax and let go, I write this and decide not to have a hot chocolate.

"Can I feel my toes?" this is definitely an interesting CD and there are two in the room so I may just half-inch one of them.

There is a down side to being a mentor and sadly that comes about when the performance is not up to snuff. And I do have a problem - that for contractural reasons must be resolved early next week. You know - in the phrase I gave the housemaster before I got caned - "I guess I had a bad week, sir!"


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