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Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Quick Switch

So Firefox came out today, and with the limitations of Safari I have switched over, and now have to find out how to use the new features. I think that I can work out how to do bold and italic - ah! Now how about a link? Hmm! Well over at Reuters they are commenting on the sharp drop in oil prices to only $48 a barrel - ah how quickly we forget. And in regard to next years increase in production it is interesting to look at OPEC capacity. Now where are they going to get that additional 2 million barrels? Hmm I suspect that after the Iraqi election they expect the country will stabilize so fast that by this time next year it won't be a problem. Uhuh!

I think I will wait until the weekend to try adding blocks of text and illustrations. But yes! this is much easier, especially when I use Safari to find the links so that I don't have to move over my Bookmarks, which Firefox apparently doesn't want to do yet.

Other than that I was up a fair bit overnight as Arthur dropped by to remind me he lives here now and so I eventually had to get up and take a pill. So I did not go until late and two meetings on current work took up most of the afternoon and early evening. Then off to meet the Actress and dinner and an evening out. Not a whole lot done therefor, but I did come up with a couple of new ideas while we were out and scribbled them on the program, will see what folks think in the morning.


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