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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Ah, without comment, I see that they have just brought the turkey to the White House.

Well whaddya know - some time ago I mentioned a contact from Washington about doing some work for them. Turns out it was actually from Calgary and today they called to see if we were still interested. And they need it soon - the only question is who is available. At another meeting today it was noted that while our Chinese grad student numbers are relatively steady those from India are down very significantly, which I would have thought would have been the other way around. Having both, and not having had any trouble getting them here so far, it is something I need to find out a bit more about. But that doesn't make it any easier to find someone to work on the new projects now appearing and not anticipated.

It also starts to identify another problem. There is an article in US News this week (reading it in paper I am not sure how to locate the electronic version). It comments that half the Federal Work force can retire in five years. There are a lot of science and engineering faculty in the same boat. And the crop of replacements are more often than not from abroad and increasing numbers of these are not staying, but going home. Where is the institutional memory going to be and where the experts as we face new challenges - not in the glamor fields such as stem cell, but in the more mundane areas that keep us going today? Unfortunately it is not a problem likely to be addressed in the next few years, not that I have any great ideas how the solution can be rapidly put into place. We will only address it when it becomes a seriously obvious issue.

This being a week that the Actress is otherwise engaged professionally most evenings, tonight I did not get finished at the office until 7 pm and did not feel like cooking, so I grabbed some KFC on the way home. And then given the Canadian news I pulled a bottle that had an friable cork top out of the cupboard. When I opened it I discovered that to accompany the succulent offerings of the Colonel I was consuming a 1992 Beerenauslese. I was still giggling over the mix when a friend called. Ah, well! And yes it survived all those years back there remarkably well and is delicious. Pity that tomorrow is full from first thing, with the Duchess rival in for a presentation I need to be at, and then the more important meeting on Friday. And then there is the reception tomorrow night, the extension for Indiana, the . . .Well the Administrator is keeping the list and commented as she left tonight that not only did we not get anything struck off today, we added a fair number of new things. Fill the glass and fire up the computer . .

Guilt - out of curiosity I just looked the bottle up under Google - Wow, I should definitely have saved this to share with the Advocate and friend when they visit next week. But then I would only have got one glass . . . .so I would . . . grin.


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