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Monday, November 01, 2004

Part of the Job

Well the Prince Regent approved our selection last week, and that has now moved on, much to everyone's relief. In regard to the other selection, the meeting early this morning was actually very useful even though there was a minor attempt to just have the whole thing handled by e-mail with no committee interaction. It turns out there is are good reasons why we only are considering one candidate, and given the need to move on we rubber stamped the decision.

The class is now going quite well with argumentative discussion that I had not hoped for at the beginning.

And so on to presentation preparation this afternoon (while brainlessly scanning in slides with the other hand). It was obviously too much of a good day. The grad student with whom I was going to chat about his project (and for which I had set up a little presentation) chose not to show, and two faculty having both had strong attacks of the "Octobers" dropped by for some general moaning and seeking a bit of cheering up. Neither would take my offer of a hot drink ("Hot tea" was my Mum's palliative and even if not Earl Gray (grin) has been a good standby in these cases (other than dragging said individual off for a pint which in this case would not have been a good idea). A significant part of both problems is he I shall call Blarney, another DC in the Duchy, and most likely to be gone at the end of next semester. In the mean time life is being made rather miserable for the junior faculty. So I muttered the platitudes about the times, and the major changes after this year, and how they are appreciated (which they really are, but Blarney does not believe in telling his faculty that). One has definitely decided to look around and at the end somewhat awkwardly asked if I would be a reference. I suspect the first we will know about the other's intentions will be when we get his farewell letter. But I would like to think I made a little progress, though it will take a few more chats to really find out.

I am now going to close this and not look at another political blog until Wednesday, because if I don't I may well drive us nuts with pointless worrying - since it is now all over bar the voting and the counting. Sweet Dreams, y'all.

I wonder why I could not get through to Mum yesterday?


At 11:17 PM, Blogger ~profgrrrrl~ said...

What? There is tea other than Earl Gray?

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Heading out said...

You have obviously never had "Scottish Breakfast" or "The Iron Goddess of Mercy."


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