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Monday, November 22, 2004

Just another Monday

Well I had lunch, unexpectedly, with the Tsar today. He was amused and appreciative of my sending him some of the information on Hubbert's Peak since he had been working at OTA during the first one, and he commented that no-one believed that it was happening at the time (1970). Out of curiosity I chatted with a couple of colleaguea about some of Simmons material, and to a person they were unmoved. Amusing really, I talked with the Administrator, and she was somewhat horrified, but in todays culture it will all be forgotten until the day the fertilizer hits the old ventilator.

Alas having now heard three folk talk about what they would do in the Duchess position I am discouraged. Is there no vision and leadership required in Academe these days? It has all been along the lines of supporting the faculty and making the hard decisions, but no talk about vision and moving things on to some goal.

The lunch was in part because I made a meeting late, and I guess there was a spare seat at the table. Talking with the guests - a Venture Capital group, I ended up promising to send them some video (though later had to reneg since it was too big for an e-mail and so sent it on a CD). The chance of that doing any good is less than zero I suspect, but one must support the Tsar's attempts.

In additional complexity the Michigan folk want to come at the same time as the Utah folk, got that straightened out and the work to be done for Michigan is not working, and that is almost inexplicable - I guess that is where I will be tomorrow. And the Ohio folk needed a single slide showing with two photos and five sentences on what we had said we were going to do, what we are doing, where are we on the schedule and what possible use any of this might be. Yes on one slide. That is not actually what they got because what we are doing right now is remarkably unphotogenic - but we cobbled something together given the fact that this was needed by noon and there was this class right in the middle of that time frame.

Well I have goofed enough, if I am to have a carefree Thanksgiving there are lecture notes to prepare, and things to grade and - yes, that's where we all are.


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