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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Joys of "Been There....."

I must confess that occasionally there is a frustration in trying to remain unknown - said as I delete a long comment on some of todays news - but I need to balance the liberation of mind that comes from the destruction of a bottle of Caol Ila with the reality of tomorrow.

This was another day when I commented to staff about the "having a bad week, sir" syndrome. Although having sat down with the Purchasing Agent (in fairness to whom it must be said that until today this had all been handled on our part through one of my staff) I do believe we have finally got it accepted that our choice of vendor for the toy is perhaps justified (my tongue is still bleeding). And so now we must go through the wait to find if this will finally get translated into action.

Our great hope for a new contract died just before lunch, but on the other hand the work with Indiana that was supposed to be over has potentially been transfused to last another year and so I must write a justification that I had thought in vain.

How to create a vision in an hour? This is the time I have tomorrow to talk to a colleague's class which gives her a break and perhaps them a bit more enthusiasm for the class. The only snag - it took 2 tries and 2 computers to get a few (15) minutes of video segments onto a DVD to back up my talk - there are a couple of problems with iDVD I just did not feel up to working through, but had no choice - grrrrrrr!

Then Blower arrived, our very old and dear friend from far under (the person that led us to spend my Sabbatical in Brisbane - a place the Actress would return to tomorrow) He is in the process of changing jobs and so we spent a lot of time (and good malt) talking about our lives and experiences. He left here with a newly born daughter that just got married, for eg.

We talked about Kathmandu and my need to take the Actress there (he and his family have been several times) but mainly we talked about decisions on careers at the other end of one's professional life. He has two very different opportunities either of which can lead him to becoming, in his field, the recognized world authority ( he is pretty close now). So do you do it through a Governement job or through more of a private industry/university collaboration, with the latter demanding huge amounts more time - but giving ultimately more rewards. But bear in mind that "We are old, Father William," and that we don't have the energy to rebuild a program (which is why although I had written out exactly what to do to build the position that I declined that recent offer) and that sometimes it is better to guide others to do and get credit for the work that to do it all yourself (Old Ferret position and justification number 432754).

There are but these few, these very old and trusted friends with whom we share our deepest hopes and worries, and it is so amazing to me that we have them. We are close enough that the Actress can say "Goodnight, we have to be up to do ..." as they did without concern before - there is no longer any need for pretence or to prove anything to one another. it is an unexpected benefit to life I had not expected.


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