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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

For the first time in over 30 years I did not cook our dinner, but turned it over to the next generation. And it was excellent, though I did take charge of the bar and after using the house wines for most of dinner (too long a story to explain) also served French equivalents that were better. With the Advocate and friend and the Discer and husband (who was in an earlier life one of my grad students) it was an interesting evening of the sort I had dreamed of in coming to the Academy.

I look at the pile of books sitting in an empty floor, books on Virtual Archeology, King Arthur, Sailing ships of War, Dudley Pope's book of guns, Oil War and the fate of Industrial Societies, Jack Whytes series, Yiddish with Dick and Jane, which together with the CDs that include in reverse order, Piaf, modern Sardinian. Beethovens Violin - by Kennedy, (the applause in which still annoys me), The Anonymous Four, The Harp Concert (Notre Dame and Missa Mexicana), Bach Masterworks, Galway in Japan, Milladoiro, Midwinter, Paul Winter, and some Brandenburg and some early Sardinian hill chants - not to mention the Nancy Griffith. They picked, I played.

There is no real way to convey how great tonight was arguing among ourselves, none of whom are wallflowers, we covered religion and technology, and movies and . . . but almost carefully and with understanding, backed away from politics and the raw feelings that underlay some of the comments.

And I did find an 86 Beerenauslase hidden in the dust, but I think I had kept it too long, and - though I did not confess it out loud - it was not as good as the '92.

I hope you all had as wonderful and enjoyable a Thanksgiving, we are blessed in our lives and our friends.


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