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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Gentle Sadness and an English Explanation

The Actress is still very down, but is now starting to talk about it. And she talked to the Advocate twice today, so I think the election result will start to move behind us. Flying out to DC I had never felt the atmosphere to be as subdued as it was at the airport at this end. At the other business as usual.

I am reminded of the jingle "Horses sweat, men perspire, while ladies merely glow." Since it was clear from coming home that this would be chimney cleaning day. (How high do you pile wood around a stove before I notice). Now the thing is that I like to exercise on a Sunday morning (nothing dramatic I used to do the Firm Tough tapes but have got out of the habit and so am now down to Crunch Turbo) any way, after that I need to shower, and after sweeping the chimney I need to shower, but two showers would be a waste so I should do both before showering. But I can't lie down all dirty, and so one exercises, and then sweeps the chimney.

Hmm! Well soot doesn't stick to glow, and it isn't spotty like perspiration, so I as I contemplate soot positively glued to the corpus I suppose there is nothing left to do but Neigh! But it's done for the year and now we return to the routine of splitting wood at night.

Talked to Mum today and last week she and most of those at the home came down with a 24-hour virus so that she was put to bed with 2 gallons of water and a straw. Plus I would surmise, she was given some pills since she says she vaguely remembers hearing the phone ring but was confused and did not connect it with anything until the following day. But now she feels much better and sounded that way. The Engineer will drop by and visit her on Thursday.

I should have done much this weekend but after getting to the office yesterday it took all afternoon to get the illustrations for the notes transcribed from PICTs to jpgs and then to reinsert them in the text, so that I will only be able to post them first thing tomorrow. I could have gone in today I suppose, but if there are some authors I buy in hardback, there are about two or three that I pre-order and one of those David Weber came out with "Shadow of Saganami" which arrived while I was away. If I had been more in the mood I would have re-read the prequil, but wasn't and didn't and just sat around like a walnut until it was done. Much better and with the explanations of the politics which I enjoy, though it makes some of his other readers a bit fractious.

I am stil sad, and not reading a lot about the election, the electronic report of 4000+ votes for Bush in a precinct with less than 1000 voters niggles away so that I hope the nation can move to paper printouts to validate votes - but is it likely in Bushland - and why are they afraid of it? And why aren't the Catholic Cardinals making rude noises about Arnold? I need to start doing some new work hobby - maybe back to photo correcting, or there are those maps of Ypres. . . . . .


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