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Sunday, November 21, 2004

England and China

Dear Blogger, this is the second time to try a long and complex blog that from now on I will save as a draft before I send (remember that you always fail to back up important files you absent-minded old ferret).

Mum was quite alert today and was watching "The Antiques Road Show" as usual. Did not have much in the way of news, snow is apparently imminent. She did win twenty quid on the Bingo the other night, but was more amused by the size of the drink that 50p purchased. It was about five times the size of the brandy tot that four times that price would usually get for you in a pub. The Nurse will drop in to see her in a couple of weeks.

In regard to the number I was given in the previous post, it is remarkably accurate, as illustrated by the effort that is currently sucking me into long hours of peering around the internet on energy matters. The info on the Ghawar oil field, and its imminent collapse was motivated by the need for a proper intro to the Grad seminar. But it has opened a line of questions I am off to find the answers too.

In that regard I see that Prof Goose has been following the same issue and has some of the same comments. Anyone who thinks that the Chinese will slow their growth (given among other things the potential face that they will gain from the World with the progress and status they show at the next Olympic Games) is kidding only themselves. Thus if, as The Telegraph points out, China is now getting significant supplies from the Sudan and Iran, this may be an explanation as to why we are not as bellicose in those areas as were a while ago, could it be that Big Brother has showed up?

I regard to the Saudi situation there is a lot that can be found on the Web, and since we have to go out for dinner, let me merely direct you to two places that explain the worries about the the Ghawar oil field and its problems (you can find more sites through a Google search with those key words, especially if you include the word “Simmons”). Otherwise go to G.R. Morton and Mathew Simmons.

I ordered four of the relevant books (skipping a couple that did not get good reviews) from Amazon last night (after “Calendar Girls”) so will probably blog on this again.


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