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Friday, November 19, 2004

Bull's Blood

About 40 some years ago as a young grad student I hosted a party and wandered down to an off-license in Leeds to get some wine for the event. Being, as we all were, flat broke, I asked for advice and the vitner suggested that I get some Egri Bikaver and open it early in the day and serve it at night. I did and the party was quite succcessful (though that could have been for other reasons- grads and parties being what they are and then were). I have had a gentle fondness for that wine ever since and since it is still very cheap I do pick up the odd bottle and, as tonight, enjoy the odd sip. It went well with the Stroganoff (tonight on toast).

Well last night was interesting - I had our new Secretary of State for the state for five whole minutes while I expounded on Hubbart's Peak and the cliff we are heading over and discovered from the Prince that a job I had forgotten about is apparently going to happen fairly soon (to my awkward embarassment since this in front of several VIPs and I had no clue initially what the conversation was about). Today we had a hard look at where we are, and despite this particular place having a major budget problem that ain't going away have had to begin to face that we in our operation may need to start hiring additional folk to meet the research demand. (When I started writing this at the beginning of the summer we were funded on three projects and I was anticipating handing in my retirement about now - we are now funded on nine different problems and are negotiating on a couple more)

Which relates to an interesting lunch with the Duchess's competition. This, relatively wise, but probably unsuccessful, candidate, commented that being appointed at the same time as a new Tsar was not a really wonderful position to be in, and in review I think that this is a very valid consideration, though sadly it will likely lead to a withdrawal in this case. Given that the first candidate was a disaster, and that the third is the Duchess, that only leaves candidate four to prevent the Prince getting the candidate that he desired to be nominated and that will not, alas, be a good result.

If I can learn how do do quotes tomorrow, and can track back to the sites, I may have more to say on the sad situation vis-s-vis oil, since the actual situation is turning out to be a lot worse than the general summaries that I have been relying on. But that means I need to venture forth into blogdom to follow these insidious leads. What was that about this being a passive pursuit?


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