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Monday, November 15, 2004

Boots made for walking

Well there it was, Saturday, and so off we went to the mall where, in accord with a popular opinion or two boots were purchased. But not just one pair, it having been that sort of a week there were three new pairs in the trunk (as well as a couple of shirts just to be even) as we came home. Out to both lunch and dinner and so no work, and then on Sunday we went and saw "The Incredibles" - which was very good and relaxing, and lo a weekend without work. These things must be done since I now feel much better, and though the class went rather poorly today (a pity since I liked the topic) I am now going to be a little more enthusiastic. Which is good since a whole lot of pots are just starting to come to the boil. A second candidate for the Duchess job shows up this week, and it's my turn for the Grad Seminar.

But the order for the toy was placed today (three different people made a point of making sure I knew).

Mum was also fairly up to snuff yesterday, though if you don't jog her memory about what happened during the week, she tends to have forgotten, but then I think in some ways we are all a bit that way. Lamb chilli is not a good idea, at least according to tonight's recipe.


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