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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bless my socks

I am going to have to watch that phrase now that we will be spending Xmas with, inter alia, the Bishop since we are all heading to the Big City for a family get together. But today has been one of those bright days that sort of just went that way all day.

It began with breakfast with the last of the candidates for the Duchy, and this is a bird of a different bush (?) much more dynamic and with an obvious intent to move and shake. Hmm! The only problem is that the Departments concerned may not be all that excited about such drama. (I did hear the word Fear uttered at another meeting). So that gives two candidates that I need to decide on before tomorrow afternoon - tetum! tetum! tetum!

Then still obsessed by this Oil thing I started a final compilation of slides when . . . .the first part of my new toy arrived. Went out and helped to uncrate it and move it - times have certainly changed since we got our last one of these, some 20-odd years ago. It still works, but only partly.

Then back, and finally got the slides into a format I liked - including finding out that China is now importing about 2.5 mbd of oil (a bit of a pain to find since they quote it in metric tons per month and I had to find the conversion). Put them together and sent them around and this time the Powerpoint worked - now I can get on with something else and the sad facts will lie in a drawer for a while. I can also add to it as I find the odd fact.

Hmm! A reminder that the folk from Utah will be here on Thursday, start to draft a note and realize I have not told the folk in Michigan that finally, after just about giving up, we have - possibly - fixed one of the problems that was stalling progress. Of course that is going to make the next step that much harder, but at least we can now move on to look at that bit. That little discovery came at about 3 p.m.

And the new design for the folks in Oklahoma did what I had just about given up hope that it would do. The first test of the new design did what we were unable to do all summer, and most of this semester. The first picture came just as I sat down (after everyone left) to put together tomorrow's lecture. Did it come too late - who knows ? I sent it on and we will see.

The last time I did this class (which I took over when someone retired) I apparently got to this point and didn't bother posting the material anywhere I can now find it. Well, rabbits, that means I have to create afresh one of the more boring parts of the entire material - yet make it dynamic and interesting starting now. ZZZZZZZ !


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