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Thursday, October 21, 2004

We're Allowed

We stopped going to ball games when the Cards changed pitchers every inning of the game we were at. And we don't live there. So why are we sat here with the Actress making the odd screaming sound?

What election? What classes (sorry Mel )? 'Scuse me, I just went deaf, its the bottom of the sixth and you should know why!!! I think I'm on a losing bet trying to blog against this.

Otherwise today was odd, the visitor on the Ohio project did not come, so I worked the list to rank research productivity on campus, (and saw that I am slowly inching down the list) before sending it on to the Dauphin and the Duchess to keep them amused. Our Indiana project guy called and e-mailed about three times, but given that the three of us were somewhat ill we probably managed one sane mind between us. (We were me, the Specialist and he I shall call the Szlachta ). We had to twice revise the budget and statement of work for this coming year, at the same time as I was writing the presentation for the following year. And both got out - the first on up the ladder at our funding source, the second for evaluation elsewhere.

I finally got the presentation off to Washington, it was delayed by having to talk to undergrad students about research opportunities last night, I tried to be a little amusing but not sure, given the health and some comments, that I succceeded.
I guess the flu shots, which are totally unavailable around here according to the note at the doc's office earlier in the week, will now be too late in any event.

Ah ! The Actress's old piano teacher is still at the Cardinal organ, guess I'd better quit! It might even call for a drink!


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