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Friday, October 29, 2004

Well I didn't mean that bad

I have just extolled, over on Jimbo's site the occasional benefits of being thought of as an absent-minded academic. However what happened today went way beyond that, alas. Having got up extremely early to drive to another city for a Society Board meeting I got to what I thought was the correct hotel in good time. But no meeting was posted, and so (having left the agenda on my desk) I thought a bit and realised that it was probably the hotel across the street. It was a Marriott and when I appeared flustered the manager appeared to see if he could help. When I explained the situation he not only checked there, but others in the chain in this city, and none had the meeting. So I called the group that runs our Society for us - ah! For some odd reason I had remembered the wrong city, they were a long way elsewhere. My only excuse is that they actually did not mention the name of the city, only that of the hotel in their note to remind me of the meeting, and being in a hurry and . . . . . .Rabbits!

So since I had a couple of critical items on the agenda I called to explain what I had proposed to say and tried to get an obviously highly irritated (and rightly so) executive to transmit my apologies and my requests for action to the Board. Not a good day. And so I think it is time to reconsider any plans to run for re-election and recognise that writing on the wall, blurred though it is.

Watching the news tonight I got the impression that Bush is starting to just go through the motions. He seems to have lost the conviction that he is going to win, and with it the energy that gives him. On the other hand (apart from a moment coming down the aeroplane steps) Kerry still seems uplifted and energetic.

I am somewhat bemused also by the attempts today, having seen the ABC video of the HMX, that people still seem to be making to explain that I really did not see what I did. Are we supposed to be idiots? On the other hand I did see part of the Sinclair show last Friday night (after eating at Burger King for two lunches) and did not think it too bad. Yet there seemed to be no comment when PBS ran "Rumsfelt's War" which had a strong political message even closer to the election - perhaps a little bit of a double standard.

Blogger did something to the original version of this and so I will use my newly touted absent-mindedness to justify having forgotten what it was that I originally closed with. Plus I changed from the blue pills to the pink ones yesterday and these seem to have odd side-effects. (It's all excuses).


At 10:32 AM, Blogger anbruch said...

Well, I hope you enjoyed the hotel, even if the conference wasn't there!

I hadn't noticed that Bush had been flat, but then I rarely watch the news these days, relying on NPR, the paper and the web for my news. I agree with this: on the NPR clips, Kerry is sounding ever more confident, his voice is beginning to have a ringing cadence. Bush by contrast sounds like he always does.

I'll probably blog about this later today, but I did a little test with Judu this morning. I showed her two pictures in our paper, one of Kerry, one of Bush (with Ahnold) and asked her which she thought looked more like he should be the leader of our country. Initially she pointed to the Govenator, saying "he looks most like you" (must be the German heritage). When I pressed her on the issue, she chose Kerry. Who knows whether I was cuing her, but I'll stick with it: Five-year olds for Kerry!


At 10:46 AM, Blogger bitchphd said...

Oh, man! At the conference I went to last weekend, I totally went to the wrong venue at first. Luckily the real venue was only halfway across town (rolls eyes), and I'd been smart enough to make sure to arrive for the first panel, since my paper was on the second. But, man.

I'm really glad to know that I'm not the only one who's ever done anything like that :P


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