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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Weak Excuse

It is a beautiful fall day, but lecture notes call and so off I trot (after obediently raking leaves in part of the yard). Get to the office - no keys. Must be a sign, so I drive by the bookstore and pick up the odd volume and head home.

Guilt arises, and so I rake the whole of the front yard, (which did not show by this time any of our activity from the earlier treatment) then aided and abetted by Elizabeth Moon, rested, spending the afternoon finishing "Marque and Reprisal." This is a good series and I just hope she hurries with the next one. (She is one of about eight writers that I buy in hardback 'cos I'm a self-indulgent old ferret). Then a quick trip out for dinner since we must be back for THE GAME. So while I sit up here blogging the Actress is practicing flute and now occasionally screaming downstairs with the set on low. (I keep wondering what the neighbor - a writer for the local paper - must think we are doing). Hmmm it isn't sounding good.

I had a list with twelve things on it - an abstract, a paper review (from China, egads!) a proposal review for them folks in D.C.; lecture notes, etc etc, but the weather won out. And the nice thing about our age is that I can do the most critical things tomorrow on our table here - just needing to patch in the odd picture on Monday - to get the lecture notes done. But there is that proposal . . . .oh, Rabbits! And you can't tell that the yard had been touched.

Found an interesting site tonight by Contrapositive, and will likely print it out and stick it on the wall, giving a Cheat sheet for election night. Gives a lot of insight in what to look for.


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