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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Time is a wasting

For the past couple of weeks I have been busy at night, and so not been able to catch up on all that needs to be done every day. I obviously ought to make a list (the Administrator tries to keep one for me but it only works if she knows what has to be done) but there are so many constant little fires during a day that the list would only be longer at the end of the day than the beginning and it would be depressing (I know since that is sort of what happens).

So now the weekend becomes the spare time to catch up, but there is a theater event tonight and another candidate comes in for dinner tomorrow night. So here we are back in the office with two lectures and a White Paper to write.

The new request for a White Paper came in a phone call yesterday, a day otherwise quite good for the old morale. Apart from that request it was also suggested that I apply for a Distinguished Chair somewhere else, and I was, separately, put into a group that will be meeting in Washington immediately following the election.

So instead of working on all that writing, I am sitting blogging merrily away and trying to decide if I really want to consider moving, and if not what, if anything, should I try and do to use this to puff my chest here a bit. The cost of living isn't that different between the two places, but if I retired from here the improved financials would be significant. On the other hand do I really want to almost start over ? Probably not, and the Actress would probably be upset. Ah, decisions, decisions. Almost as hard as deciding who won last night's debate.


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