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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Rust or the coming of Fall

The last week has, alas, been a confirmation of age as the rain has brought Arthur more prominently to knees, one hip and the other odd joint. It is an affliction that I and the Administrator unwillingly share, and collectively moan about in sad chorus.

Though there are many topics one could blog about, Nightline tonight went back to where John Kerry won his Silver Star and found that what was written was, in fact, true as atested by the other side who were also there. I am trying only partially successfully to take profgrrrl's advice and watch a video (Master and Commander) while tonight's wine is a 1998 Domain Capion Le Juge from L'Herault and is quite good. (In case you wonder I had a good consulting job back then and stuck a case of wine under the stairs). Our candidate from Monday withdrew and the candidate today will likely also. This was the second interviewee that the Administration chose not to visit with. This is not good. (Next Tuesday's meeting might be interesting), and there is a quiet row going on about the candidates for the Duchess' job. Life, in other words, is currently politically fascinating - even at our local level.

But a curious question. The phone rang tonight and the Actress said "Oh, that will be the Advocate " and it was. Mum was very good at being able to do that, and I have inherited that sort of sense. Is it really common or is it that we are able to apply an unrecognized logic to make the determination ? (No it's not infallible).


At 8:14 AM, Blogger New Kid on the Hallway said...

I think it depends on how many phone calls you regularly get. There are about 3 people who ever call me at home, so I can usually guess which one is calling with some degree of certainty. If I had a more exciting social life, I'm not sure that my record would hold!

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Heading out said...

I would say that, at home, we get about maybe four calls a day, from a wide variety of folk. We get family calls, which are typically the ones we note, at weekends and late evenings but at varying times and days of the week.


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