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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oil be back

Sorry about that (the pun that is), but it's another one of those days. I had forgotten that the new carpet is being laid tomorrow so have spent the evening moving furniture (they don't "do" TV's and one of our indulgences is a big screen and surround sound - but one of the older huge box ones). Judy Collins has been singing nostalgic songs from an earlier period of dissent, though the iMac as I moved. Today was also benefit day for the local medical community as I visited the dentist and optician - the chiropractor comes next, and then the ENT exam. But maybe I should wait for the chiropractor until after tomorrow night when I get to move everything back (including all the videotapes) - hope I can get it done before the debate.

I have seen that when the current increase in oil prices began the Saudi's promised to increase production by 1.5 million barrels a day to get prices under control. This has now dropped to a promise of only 0.5 million barrels and isn't apparently of major use since there isn't the refinery production to handle their particular version of crude. This is, of course, one of the problems of trying to gear up an industry which has not had any encouragement to invest in new capacity for a while. There are not enough drilling rigs, refineries, tankers or other facilities to be instantly switched on as the need grows, and increases in those investments will be hard to justify if we are as close to Hubbert's Peak as it would appear. (If it takes 4-years to build a new refinery and world production will peak in two ????). This may have some impact immediately after the election when heating oil and gas become more critical issues over the winter. And bear in mind that if demand is growing at 3% a year then next year the issue will be even more prominent. Now how do we suggest to students that there are opportunities in the energy production field ? And how do we get them to believe that it will be one of the more lucrative fields over the next decade ?

Development came for a piece for the auction today. Earlier I had noted that they didn't like my first suggestion and asked that I make something else. However since the owner of the original something else didn't want anything like it to be made (even if this was going to be in another form) I had thought the issue gone. But back they came today now desperate for "anything" - so I had to slip a coat over my white shirt, tie, slacks and dress shoes and "finish" the chosen item. The Administrator thought I was a fool, and probably she was right, but you never know when one of these things will catch someone's eye and then . . .

We still have serious problems with not enough students for the current work, and were asked about undertaking more today. And there is the Annual report for Indiana due, and a couple more White papers to prepare. But when the Mac's first came out there was this neat sort of science fiction advert which showed a faculty member calling a friend in another University and getting them to guest lecture via computer. I sort of did a step towards that yesterday using the Kaiser, though he had gone to bed when I gave the lecture and so I could only use his slides and video, but in return he gets one of my lectures with sound on the powerpoint - and so we get closer. Had he a Mac we could even do the live conferencing - I must see if he can find one, though they are a lot more expensive in Germany.


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