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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Not infallible

One of my colleagues brought his graduate class through the lab yesterday and as we were showing off all the neat things we do, we passed over a large mess. And so I had to confess a sad lack in infallibility.

We had been asked by a neighboring University for help with one of the student projects. It seemed to be a relatively simple project and so rather than go into a theoretical design I suggested that they come down and use our toys to try some ideas. Well it turns out that I was proved quite wrong in front of all our folk, their students, two of their faculty and the odd additional observer. And I learned a fair bit about trees that I didn't know before. That is the blessing/curse of science that, if you have an opinion on something, in many cases you can go and do the experiment and it either works or it doesn't. And alas, if a large proportion of them worked then I would have become rich and retired young, and I'm not. Which is a philosophical way of saying "Oh, Rabbits!"

Today I get to give a lunch talk to the local DAR chapter, and should be working on my remarks. I am going to give a modified version of my usual talk to visiting school classes, one of which I gave last Wednesday. Though I enjoy them, the problem is that the Enrollment folk want to keep me doing it and it takes time I don't have. Though this one was interesting since I was explaining about the pre-Roman calendar in Europe and one of the kids got it before I reached that point. He was the first one in about 20 years and it was quite cool. (And so I'll go and do another next week).

Back to the Theater tonight, and tomorrow night, so I guess I should come back after lunch and do Monday's lecture.


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