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Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Long Lunch

The big question before going to the DAR lunch was whether to take a projector and the laptop or just talk with some small objects. So I dithered and then prepared both. When I got there it was a fairly small room and no screen, so I was just about to go with the verbal version when the Regent (?) said "Oops, we forgot your screen." And so I had to head back to the car and haul in the two bags. It was a small crowd (the Actress had three times the number when she spoke) and very little chat over the meal (they were all talking about Native American heritage, and how many of them had some - a theme I gleefully pinched for a bit of the talk). But they were kind enough to ask a lot of questions so that the discussion was twice the length of the talk.

So now, still high on adrenalin, I have to grade and write a lecture - ho, hum, and it's such a lovely day out.


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