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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

If politics wasn't so addictive

Back in June I predicted that about now I would be able to finally sit back and catch my breath for about a month before the holiday season began. I'm old enough that I should have known better.

After getting back into town, Friday was just spent catching up, with too many decisions being demanded and no energy to do them. And so I watched the debate during lunch and chased blog comments. Saturday was getting back up to speed on lectures and stuff, and then Sunday was a dinner for a visiting candidate.

Monday night a past grad student took us out to dinner, last night when I thought we would be sitting watching the debate was a concert, so I ended up watching parts of the debate on tape after Nightline. And so I spent too much time today trying to catch other folks opinions. Which given the class, meetings and interaction with one of the folk from Michigan (while I intermittently watched a test we were doing for him go interestingly wrong) meant that at the end of the day I couldn't think of much productive activity that I have done since I came back.

I think it is all George Bush's fault. Four years ago it was hard to decide who to vote for and it didn't seem to matter since both talked fairly close to the center. Hmm! Well we certainly guessed that one wrong. Normally folk would be really tired of the whole thing by this stage in the contest - but not this year. There is true anxiety in lots of minds (including a lot of folk driving round here with yellow ribbons on their vehicles for Supporting the Troops) that something has to change. And so we read the proverbial tea-leaves from the various pundits (though I don't completely understand where Jimbo gets all his numbers from) with some form of dread fascination and trepidation.

To continue the comments on garb, I carefully counted at todays Admin meeting and of the 32 males out of 56 folk at the meeting, 24 wore ties and all but three ( that included me) also had on jackets - almost all suits. But since it is now getting colder (and in response to the discussion at 11D I will be moving my own clothes between closets this weekend - next weekend I get to sweep the chimney) the more formal attire may be a little response to the weather though I also think it reflects a bit on the tone that the Tsar tried to impart.

In other news the candidates coming to campus for the position that the Duchess now holds will be announced within the week. It wil be interesting to see if she made the cut.

Well I've skivved enough, it's time to go back to lecture notes, and the little iSight that helps put sound to Powerpoint.


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