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Friday, October 22, 2004

I want my toys

Well if nothing else last night surely demonstrated that Texas should not take Missouri for granted. And I still had to get up early today to go into a set of meetings that ran until about 2 pm. And sadly could not get by with an excuse, in fact I sent Szlachta home and gave his talk for him this afternoon, since he clearly has the flu.

We finally got the Indiana group to agree on what will be done, and then talked to Michigan who are getting more carried away with what they want and make it doubly frustrating that I can't go down and work on this myself - ah to be a grad student again. Home for a quick nap and then out at friends for beer. Must have had too much since I can remember watching wood splitting and pontificating about how the shape of the ax was wrong - must learn not to do that.

Came home and watched "Bush's Brain" thinking it would be an easily assimilable version of the book (which I haven't read) it seemed more to be a response to Karl Rove's letter in complaint of the book. But by this time, and after so many blogs, not that much new any longer.

Wonder if Bush really is going to Iraq this weekend? And will that really be the October surprise that pushes him over, the polls seem to be heading his way a bit more today and I couldn't see why.

We were supposed to get the bids for my new toys earlier this week, and they did not show. So Purchasing was called and claimed to have sent them inadvertently to a totally different office. Turns out the person who nominally would then get them there has been sick for the last three days and the papers were not on her desk. So where are they? They think they have a copy that I might be able to see Monday - is this a joke ?


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