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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Guessing wrong

Well that will teach me to be foolish. Wandered into the Admin meeting, which was remarkably full today, and were talking about my little bout of optimism. Turns out it was totally unfounded because I had asked that no-one call one of our funding agencies unless we had some good news about progress. I had not heard the results so when I heard the call had been made I assumed it meant that something went right. No, the call was made because it went totally wrong, and it was made to the wrong person. How do you politely tell a person that they are a Rabbit when it would likely be more useful to stand on the desk and scream (I actually did that once - the problem was that the guy I did it to was an ex-Marine Drill Instructor and he just about fell out of his chair laughing).

Ah well, our visitor came on the Ohio project, and seemed more excited than I would have thought, though we only got an hour of time. But there was some reassurance that we were on the right path, and we will get some additional support that I hadn't expected. When I came in this morning I promised I would do one thing on the Administrators list, but I forgot about the review meeting tomorrow and the need to write some more lecture notes. And with little questions popping up at regular intervals by phone she couldn't keep my nose properly to the grindstone so that (while I will get the chance to buy another case of wine) by the time I came home even the notes weren't finished. So I have two reports to review tonight so that I can include that tomorrow also in the notes and presentation. And I need to correct next semesters syllabus, and the Card's aren't doing too well.

Just been one of those days. . . . . . . .


At 9:59 PM, Blogger New Kid on the Hallway said...

Sorry to hear about your day - but I love the image of screaming at drill sergeant and him falling out of his chair laughing! ;-)

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Heading out said...

Actually by that time he was my Department Chair but still tough as an old boot and highly respected besides. It was that sort of a relationship.


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