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Sunday, October 03, 2004

England's Call

There are some changes going on in the Nursing Home with a couple of retirements, and the person in charge has now acquired an assistant. On the other hand the number of staff is down, and so Mum can't get out as much as in the past. So now she is scheming to get out for lunch. It entails asking to go the shops to buy necessities just before lunch and then inveigling the care person into having lunch with her, while they are out. She'll probably pull it off. She also doesn't like their brand of gin and so has gone back to the glass of white wine.

It finally clicked for the Actress to ask today why I was keeping a blood pressure monitor in the office, so I made euphemistic noises.

And tonight four of us took a candidate out to dinner - all that remained wore ties, and all but one (the Dauphin) jackets. I am now more curious about attire than when I made the comment the other day, since at the Conference I noted that less than 20% of the folk there wore ties - though of course this was Vegas, but then I was only counting in the sessions I attended (and where I carefully registed electronically to get my points). (The latter is sort of meant to be a comment on our Pavlovian behavior since I am now so close to the end that these are totally meaningless). One of the Search Committee showed up in a flannel shirt and no tie, and then made an excuse to leave before dinner. The candidate seemed to be well suited for the job and on top of the brief - well two more to go and we will know.


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