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Monday, October 18, 2004

England and After

Yesterday Mum was back listening to the "Antiques Road Show" again. The Nurse had called and the Traveller will be up next weekend so she will be able to get out. One of the caregivers is also planning to get her out for a lunch, so things seem to be picking up - even though the rain is more persistent this year.

Listening to the music last night I suddenly realized how to solve a problem that was blocking one possible solution to the Michigan work. Carefully, and quietly, drew it on the program. The Actress did not come since she had been out Friday night, Saturday night and was going out again tonight. So in the intermission I chatted to the two old friends who have the adjacent seats. He retired two years ago and she is my age. They used to give many parties, but now they talk of entertaining only at restaurants, and after many talks of what they would do here when retired, they now talk of moving to be near their kids (who are providing grandkids at a steady pace). They are also travelling a lot and so we must find a date for dinner. It did make me think.

Almost no-one was at the office today, colds and flu or some such has struck, which is awkward given all we have to do and visitors due. But the quiet meant that I could work on class stuff, and then go and teach. I am using some of a book I wrote as a basis for the accompanying lecture notes, but all the illustrations were saved as PICTs. So a part of the day was spent with Photoshop resaving all 115 illustrations in this chapter as JPG's. But I added a bit as well to update it so there was some progress.

So tonight was another concert and so we went there by separate cars, which allowed me to fix myself dinner since the Actress had to be there early. Chicken pie, not elegant, but filling. And then fruit. I go to see the ENT lady on the morrow, right after an Admin meeting (good excuse to leave early). We might discuss our problem with the interviewees from last week, but otherwise the Committee is going to have to get together and face some reality (oops I said a political naughty word!)

I squeezed time for Simon Brown's trilogy "Inheritance", "Fire and Sword" and "Sovereign" into the last week - but was a little disappointed with the second half. Somehow I got the feeling that these are a set-up for a following offering that will be set a couple of hundred years into the future. We shall see.


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