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Monday, October 11, 2004

England and After

The weather in the northern UK was lousy and "The Antique's Road Show" had reclaimed its time spot. Mum sounded a little tired, and had been disappointed in that when she went to go on the outing to the Review the electric lift for the wheelchairs had failed on the van and so she was left behind. The Traveller will be up next weekend and the Nurse is going over to be there for a couple of days around Dec 2, so she will have company.

Dinner last night with another candidate. He is one of those strong managerial types who have a crushing handshake. However since I have slight arthritis (Arthur we shall call it) in various joints including a joint in my little finger, this can be quite a painful exchange. So he lost points for that. But gained a lot since he had spent a fair amount of time on our web sites and had a lot of intelligent questions. It was surprising how few of the Admin came to the meals, their only chance to meet a potential key player - its either arrogance or more probably, like me, just too many darned things.

Such it was today, I lost all sorts of points since it was the Administrators 50th Birthday and I had sent three of the staff out of town before the Actress told me she had arranged a lunch (and then I had to have lunch with the candidate since all the others who should have been there weren't). Perhaps that's why things have been a little, shall we say fractious, around here the last couple of days, hmm! (Yes, I can be a bit of an idiot).

Well the Duchess made the cut, and now faces three outside candidates. She has cut me dead twice in the last couple of days, so I must have sinned somewhere else unknowingly - ah, well. Hatless didn't like the selections and has written another "I'm upset" memo, and it seems to work for him. Funny old world.

Um! A few blogs ago I made a calculation based on a starting salary of $50k and there were a couple of comments that this was perhaps high in some disciplines, so I went and looked today and for here it actually isn't, pretty much across the board. (There were a couple at $45k and that was about the lowest I found).


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