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Monday, October 25, 2004

After England

Yesterday Mum was still reflecting on what turned into more of a social week than usual. To make up for missing the Old Time Music Hall up at Stanley, one of the caregivers took Mum in her own car to the Metro Center for lunch and a day out. Then the Traveller dropped by and took her out again over the weekend. She was much perkier and chatty as a result, though we really had no great news to exchange.

Spent the rest of the night preparing lecture notes, which included, apropos the previous post, a comment on the sensitivity of the explosive therein cited, as a legitimate part of the class. Actually it also crossed my mind that the logical use of that particular explosive is likely to be in the petroleum industy for perforation charges, though that wanders down a path we need not tread.

Well full of good intentions I wandered in this morning intending to finish the review for D.C. of that proposal, but what with one thing and another it did not get done until the doors were closed and the lights in the corridor switched off. Between not being able to even see a disk on the Mac with some TIF images that I needed for class (and which took half an hour to resolve - it was to do with the way they were saved) and the need to read the dossiers before the review meeting on Wednesday the day went by as though it did not exist.

But, but, but . . . I heard from the Development office and they auctioned off that piece that I hastily finished and gave them the other day, it fetched $500. I am sort of very pleasantly surprised, but wonder if I really ought to keep the other one we made. And Purchasing found the bids and I got to sign the order for my new toys. More than a hair higher in cost than I had expected but we can worry about that tomorrow. 8 weeks delivery, which means I get to go to Minneapolis in January for a week of training - whoopee!!

And so home to blog, and doze in front of the news - but I forgot about the dinner - and so with but the veriest rest to untangle the Actress's necklaces we put on our garb and off we went, the speeches were a bit long, and we were sat next to a local political candidate, that the organizers surely did not know we had just dropped a donation on, but it made for a pleasant dinner (though she barely ate and then fled to another event).

And now to bed and to worry about an odd conclusion that one can draw from an e-mail I got today, which might lead to a much more positive Admin meeting tomorrow morning, but may be just a little fooling myself with tenuous hope.


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