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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Academic Courtesy

In the meeting this morning I brought up the fact that not that many folk were able or willing to meet our candidates last week, and the discourtesy of interviewing one of the candidates for the Duchess's job in the week that faculty in the discipline the candidate is from will be gone to a meeting. The lack of courtesy shows up in the fact that conventionally at this level the appointee will be granted tenure in the given discipline, even though they will rarely show up there. So it is common to have the candidate sort of meet with the group so that they can do the decent thing and vote tenure should the candidate be selected. But this time someone set a schedule, and now no-one will back down, and it is really quite sad.

We still haven't decided what we are going to do about the other position, and now it appears we will not be meeting, but making decisions by e-mail. I don't think its good, and I don't think the reason that we can't meet is that we're all taking two weeks off to canvass for our Candidate of Choice. Speaking of which it was rather nice to get a letter from one of the candidates that atrios supports saying thanks without ostentatiously asking for more money. I got a very heavy hint for more from the one candidate on the other side in a different race that I sent a small donation to.

The conclusion on the ENT is that it's probably sinus, which is what I thought before all those tubes made their merry way, but the cure may cause interesting side effects, and so I get to try three different drugs in consecutive weeks - wheee.

But there is still that White Paper and tomorrow's lecture notes, and the night is still young, 'tis only I that am not.


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