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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Today ( or is it really yesterday)

Well I just posted the note I wrote yesterday, given that the 2-hour time limit died while I was writing it. For $45 I now have a whole 24 hours. But given it is 2:30 am and we just closed the bar (can't let all you young 'uns think we are totally past it) I am about to head to bed. Two papers and a Session Chair and tonight being wined and dined at one of the restaurants we walked past last night. This was better and right next to the main Opera House.

Spent bar time trying to build an alliance of folk that might just survive the hang-overs, the only problem being trying to tie European Union folk to the US. Such a crazy organization - almost all the delegates went on the evening tour, and fifteen minutes later they had the wine reception. There were all of four of us delegates there, and rows of champaigne glasses. Mellow dinner - the bar tab included buying Lagavulin at a price which instead of an eighth of an inch here would pay for half a bottle in the US. The local digestif is a Calvados variant made from Golden Delicious apples. I really think that maybe I ought to go to bed . . . .zzzzzzz


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