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Friday, September 03, 2004

Temporarily True

The blog title that is - off tomorrow to a Conference in Germany, dropping by Mum and being back here in eight days. It is probably not likely that much will get added in that time.

Today the Prince Regent began his campaign for elevation. Suddenly at our meeting, all was going to be sweetness and light in the land and there would be no more disruptions and faculty would have access to everything and . . . . .(if I felt that a banner might have been appropriate or perhaps the odd Swift Faculty for Truth commercial that would be unprofessional). He is going to be one of two likely internal candidates, the Boyar being the other. But the Boyar has been very subdued lately so he may not run. After the royal review of past, present and future, Hatless commented a little about some raises (was that a thin knife I felt slide for just a second into my ribs) and then Cracker chipped in with a specific problem and that was it.

The Dutchess thought I would have been thrilled about one bit of the Prince's news. I later e-mailed her that while I am on the committee to help appoint this new Administrator (the news) and that the position is nominally supposed to be highly supportive of us, the lessons learned from the past make it unlikely that we will see much benefit. I tied my comment to a new descriptor of my ego that has amused my small mind today. I believe I have a Balloon ego - over inflated, thin-skinned and full of hot air (also easily popped). The analogy kept me somewhat amused through the rest of the day. The Prince also talked about setting up campuses abroad - well we've exported the mining, then we exported the manufacturing, then we exported the services, then we exported the research, and now we will export the teaching - hmmm wonder what we'll have left to do ?

Sometime when I come back I need to look up our starting salaries in the different Departments. The Prince commented today that he wanted to get away from inequities, and have a more even field, and this is something that the Duchess has as an issue. But I must confess when I picked the $50,000 figure I remembered that I started at $12,500 and made a guestimate since (and I suddenly realise that this might be odd) I haven't been involved in hiring any faculty straight out of grad school in a fair while - they have all ended up having some experience. Hmmph ! Yes, now that I think about it that is very odd.


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