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Monday, September 20, 2004

So I lied

Well it started off a beautiful day, except that I was, for some obscure reason, elected some time ago to give a group of visitors a tour. I dutifully arrived at the start on time - Nada. So I sat in the warm sun and enjoyed the day until some High School Kids showed up. Were they my group ? Nope, but since I was there . . . . .

Back to the office just in time to get get the notes for class - not bad, but not really connected. Then e-mails and minor stuff until a phone call from Washington (the State) - can we do a particular thing. Bless my socks, we did that a few years ago, as a bit of fun. We even, somewhere, have photos. So now I have to write a frantic White Paper that might gain us a small amount of Year End money - maybe. But then another phone call.

"Professor X, this is Hatless."
"Yes, Good Sir ?"
"Professor Y at Western U is taking a census and will keep all this confidential, with no names attached."
"It's about the age of the faculty and when they are going to retire!"
"So you are xx."
"Er, No actually - I'm xy."
"So when are you planning to retire?"
Dear Readers I must confess, I lied.

After hanging up I realized that while he stated that Prof Y had agreed to keep it confidential, Hatless in fact had not. Hmm!



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