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Friday, September 17, 2004

Snapshot Evaluations

As is the case for many others this is a time to put together the pictures of past performance for review. I must needs do this, not only for myself, but also for the unit I administer. As it happens by the criterion of research dollars, one of the metrics, last year we did about half our usual average. It was partly due to events elsewhere siphoning off a large amount of normally available funds to a far-off land with lots of oil (though a lot of that seems currently to be going up in smoke). So the review will have this as a significant component of our/my failure given that others have seen significant increases. The negative winds are already blowing cold as I prepare the report. What it will not reveal, since it has all happened since the end of the last fiscal year, is that we are now closer to the other extreme.

So after going off on a trip to evaluate some equipment this morning we had a full meeting after lunch to decide how to address the new problems (which include the mystery of where we can find the students we now need - in the next month). Then there were three specific project meetings to address start-up issues and a phone call to postpone another technical visit on a fourth project, and it was already way past "closing time". And given the need to ensure this happy state continues there are three White papers that need to be submitted before I leave at the end of next week. Class prep ? Isn't that what weekends are for ?

And to think that a week ago I was comfortably relaxed in an English pub garden as part of two blissful days away from this treadmill. It is almost as though it were a dream.

This week's wine is a Cote de Rhone, Domaine d'Andezon 1998, and if you have the chance give it a miss. Not my type at all. And so with Nanci Griffith about to find "Trouble in the fields" as I backup more of the tapes to CD it is time to find something that needs no thought.


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