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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Second Day

Usually jet lag hits me worst the second day after travelling. The first day I am fairly up, but the second I just seem out of it, then it sort of goes away. So today is it. And the Belgians come at 9:00 am and my class is at 10:15. (I missed picking up another student while away since he wasn't aware of the hours). Got Powerpoint up and running and so was all ready to go give the lecture when we realized that the projector was needed for Discer to present to the Belgians. Too late to get another, so the lecture was a bit weak. However I still remember how to use a blackboard and so it wasn't too bad, if different from what I had planned.

The discussions went off well, to the point that after starting by telling us what they wanted, we had a plan by early afternoon, a schedule and then a budget. And gasp when we called the contracts office they had a draft agreement from last time over in ten minutes. The Administrator stayed and by 5:30 pm we had an agreement ready for signature in the morning. Discer, a recent hire, will be Principal on the contract, and I will contribute my two cents as needed. She made most of the play today, and it went very well, though I helped keep everything on schedule and did the budget for her. The Belgians leave at 10 tomorrow to go back. Fastest negotiation I think I have ever done. In the middle of it the guy going to give us a deal for my new toy called, and after I reminded him that I wasn't too plastered last week to forget the discount he had promised, he was kind enough to remember and offer it again. The guy from Michigan also rang with a need to talk - but there was no time.

And a colleague going to China on Saturday asked us to make some unique items that he could take and that would be representative of the University. He came over to see what we thought might be appropriate, just as we were going out to lunch and so we agreed on a design, which must now be done tomorrow. I asked the Administrator to start putting a catalog of items together and a price list since this is getting to be a bit too much of a habit for folk to think we do this for almost nothing in no time at all.

After discovering that an enthusiastic welcome home left me more worn than usual, today I started exercising in the morning again. Now all I have to do is to get up early enough to be able to finish the exercise tape before it is time to leave the house. And after the Belgians leave in the morning I have to work out the schedule for the review committee that Boyar nominated me to head while I was gone, and then persuaded the rest to go along - bunch of rat finks since it is likely to be a bit raucous as it involves performance reviews as well as relative evaluations.


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