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Monday, September 20, 2004

How's my back

About eighteen months ago while we were completing a project for a company, they asked for a letter from the Dauphin to elucidate a point. At about three-month intervals since they have written asking for the letter, and each time the Dauphin admits to having dropped the ball and promises to get it done. About a couple of weeks ago for a reason that escapes both of us they sent a letter to Hatless asking his help in getting the letter. At which point the Dauphin suggested that a little help might be useful. So I sent an e-mail to him this afternoon with a suggested wording, and then dropped by while he retyped it back into another e-mail that, despite my suggestion that letterhead might be better, he happily sent off, comfortable in the thought that he had solved another problem. I went back to my office inarticulate.

Then the Specialist came in and said that the White Paper sent to Indiana had failed to understand the politics of what we proposed, and if we wanted to follow through we had better propose something else. So that takes care of tomorrow. I must also delicately probe to find out what are the bounds of the committee that the Boyar has landed me with chairing. The format of the recommendations change with recipient and so I suspect I had better go and genuflect before the Prince in the morning. And somewhere in there I also have to correct and post the lecture notes - not only for this week, but also with sound for next, since I will be gone again. (There was some problem with Blackboard and the files, so I need to distribute CD's of the lecture - though I will probably just leave a copy with the Administrator so that they can come in and download it to their own files).

I think it is time to find a comfy corner and read a bit more of Jane Lindskold's "Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart." I have been reading it for about five days having read the earlier book "Through Wolf's Eyes" on the trip. I thinkthatt means I will need to go out and find the final volume sometime soon.


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