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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Fact and Fiction

Near the beginning of this blog I was reading the fifth book of the Glasswright series by Mindy Klasky. It was the weakest of the five, but I have enjoyed the series. It is relationally amusing in that a couple of years ago at an earlier Conference we met a graduate student who worked in glass. Even as the Klasky heroine made a dramatic change in her world, so I think that our own Glasswright will change hers. She is still a small way from graduating, though a tragic change in her academic environment may delay this a little. After the conference I dropped by her campus, and visited her atelier, though she was still away.

In chatting with her Department Head it is apparent that they are anxious to get her graduated and on the staff, while she on the other hand is not certain where there might be an opening when she is finished. She had done something that solved a possible problem we have been looking at. Thus on my return I have chatted with a couple of my colleagues in other Departments than mine and we may venture into a collaboration, if it can be arranged. I don't know if anything can be arranged, since a lot of this is outside of our obvious areas of work, but it could be fun. We are going to try a little test this week and then I will write my note of thanks to the Glasswright's Head and see if we can't move forward.

During the time that I was in Europe I also visited Mum and the Teacher. While visiting Mum, and manoevering the wheelchair into the car, I took out the bag with the laptop in it. Which promptly got run over. So after flying back I had to detour last night via the Apple Store and get a new one, since I must use it on the morrow for the presentations both in class and for the visit of the Belgians. Mum is looking healthier and more agile although more self-centered in her conversation that in the past.

The Teacher is now taken by the social services to a hospital once a week for monitoring and review (I remember Dad going through the same process as Alzheimers started to bite) and is already being advised about moving from her house into some form of care. While I was there the local visitor dropped by for the evening to ensure she was OK. Since it will be about eight months before I can return, this may be the last time that I visit her in her home. She was actually better mentally it appeared that when I saw her last four months ago, but the house is now bedecked with signs put up to remind her of what to do. Would that we were closer.


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