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Friday, September 24, 2004

Enjoying life.

The good and the bad of the week. Being a little mellow let's start with the bad and then we can end as contented as I start. To cover a couple of points I mentioned earlier in the week, it turns out that where I saw another Division giving out heftier raises than the funds I was given to disperse they had done it by dismembering an unfilled position to generate the money - not sure if I would do that any longer, though I once did in the past, we are just too close to critical mass.

I may inadvertently to quote today's snide memo have made an "enemy-for-life" of the Boyar. I thought that being Chair of that little Committee was a relative sinecure with only a small agenda. Oh, silly, silly me. Of all the trivial, idiotic concerns for senior academia I found we were arguing about where the dossiers reside - so I did the Chair rules bit thinking the whole thing was absurd. And suddenly the air got chilly again (at least when I met the Boyar this afternoon). If this blog should suddenly disappear . . . . (I tried to make a similar facetious comment to the Duchess but I am becoming more convinced that she has absolutely no sense of humor - pity).

So being a little irritated the past two nights I have been consuming the first two books of "The Black Magician" trilogy by Trudi Canavan, and as I write the third volume sits by the keyboard (and Barahunda is going through "Al Son de La Hierba" and backup CD's are gently burning Scottish pipe music).

Thanks to profgrrrl I have saved a fair bit of time in backup up of what's on each of them. It is one of the mindless things i have done this week, while working on other stuff. The other has been to get more of my slides scanned in (and backed up to CD's) so that I can finally catalog 39 years work (including dissertation I hasten to add) and use all the nifty pictures I took and have had lost in drawers and carousels etc.

What with the rest during the past two nights and sneaking in a little late this morning I actually (lower voice and close door) found myself whistling as I scanned while simultaneously writing the review for the Michigan folk. It extended into the White Paper for Indiana and the first part of the initial lecture being prepared for next week. The only irritant to the day was the meeting this afternoon where Boyar expressed his irritation. The only concern is that the throat is acting up again, I had hoped it was going away but the Administrator commented on it yesterday so I had better go see the ENT lady next month, Rabbits !
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