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Sunday, September 26, 2004

English Dressage

The Call to England went through immediately today, and Mum was watching Rolf Harris supervise some vast number of artists each painting a part of "The Hay Wain" and then it was all going to be nailed together somewhere in London - must see if it makes the news tomorrow. Otherwise the big event was that they found a bottle of gin to provide her with a toddy last night. The darker side of English Nursing Homes no doubt.

It seems as though there is a lot of talk about academic wear. I don't know if it started at the Common Review, though I see it discussed by, among others, Jimbo , Frogs and Ravens, in Favor of Thinking, and Dr. B, and so I guess I will follow New Kid on the Hallway, and post a little.

Perhaps I am motivated by the comment "Administrators make ordinary academics look dashing. This, in part, explains why deans, deanlets, and random lifeforms who are awarded their own administrative assistants are located as far away as possible from the actual students. This is carefully arranged to ensure that the university system can continue to operate. If young people coughing up tuition got even so much as a glimpse of the powers that be, they would rise up with pitchforks and torches. Best to keep the administrators in their cozy offices and out of view."

Bear in mind Gentle Reader that when I was at English Boarding School teachers wore gowns, when I went to college lecturers wore gowns and suits. (For those who aren't aware English gowns are open - hence the need to wear the suit underneath - even on hot days) Thus when I came here I also wore a suit to lecture. (I had the pompous attitude that since the students were paying me to teach I had better turn up in a suit) I maintained that until this past year when, for the first time I taught in a shirt and khakis. However since I fall in the "random lifeforms" category that has an Administrative Assistant, I might just mention that most of us, since we interface with a public that we would like to think might give us money, still usually wear suits, or fairly legitimate jackets or skirts and many still wear white shirts and ties.

There has been a major change toward the polo shirt attire and its equivalent recently, but as a general rule they are still quite respectable and seem to be following a general trend in the populace. Sartorially the world has changed a lot in the past three decades, and I don't sense the pressures on appearance that there were three decades ago. I don't think dressing for students makes much impression on them, but I think that how you dress does have some impact with colleagues.

Were it not that I am heading out for another trip tonight, I would have started to put up a blogroll, since I get the feeling that it makes moving around a lot easier than referring to a three-page long Bookmarks list, but I just ran out of time.


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