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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Calling England and California

Apparently it has been raining in the UK since I left the glorious weather of last weekend. Thus when the Traveller went up to see Mum this weekend their travel was cut back by the weather. We had driven around the previous Friday seeing a lot of rowan berries, thereby foretelling a hard winter. I exchanged notes on the Teacher since I had not gone back to see Mum after seeing her. It was a keep-in-touch call with neither of us saying much.

Tonight we used the services of iChat to drop in on the Engineer, and the Actress serenaded him, as he looked on through the camera, with her new skill on the flute. To cut off interference in the sound feedback he used his sound-cancelling headphones, which appear to work better than the ones that I bought at Heathrow, but won't likely use very often. He looked well, and appears to be enjoying the start of a new semester out there. A gentle cough brought forth the thought that he might finish his research in a couple more years. Not many other comments of note, he won't be here for Thanksgiving but will for the end of the year.

Loreena McKennitt is gently working through the Book of Secrets as a background. I seem to manage about 10 CD's a night in backing up the music on this drive, but am afraid that I have about 300 disks to write so it may take a while. Tried to transfer some of the Actress's favorites to iTunes on her eMac but found that when you write the backup disks the titles only show when you reload it in the original machine. In other words on hers all I get is Audio Disk and Track 1 etc. Rabbits! That meant that I was typing in the original titles for ten Herb Alpert LP's and dashing between this machine and hers alternately creating the disks on one and then loading them into her iTunes on the other. (Yes I know i could have moved large files with the laptop, but this way I could check the quality of the CD's as I made the backups). Now perhaps I should go and read the manual (iLife for Idiots) to find out how to get around this. Consciously trying to forget that tomorrow is almost here.


At 12:00 AM, Blogger ~profgrrrrl~ said...

Frequent CD-maker here.

When you make the CD on computer #1, after burning but before ejecting go under Advanced to Submit CD Track Names. That puts the track names in the database. It may take a wee bit to get in there (meaning it may be a few hours before the other computer will read it correctly), but eventually it will all work.

At 8:14 PM, Blogger Heading out said...

Ah, many thanks. The Book for Idiots is a little less advanced than I thought, and was therefore no help. But although I have sent in names for obscure CDs they didn't have, I'd never have thought to do it for my own compilations. thanks again. I'm halfway through sending in all the ones I've copied so far, and really glad you taught me right near the beginning.


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