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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

At least it was free

Breakfast meeting this morning with a visiting wheel. There were supposed to be six of us doing the Rah! Rah! bit but in the end only the Duke, the Duchess and I were there with the personage. The Duke was in full flood and hard to interrupt so in the end I just enjoyed the food.

Then back for class, and this is the core lecture of the course and they all got it, and life was good. Then the wheel showed up for a tour and that also went well, though a little short.

Called Michigan to find out about the work we had discussed and they said the contract was shipped two weeks ago. However after doing the simmering wrath bit it turns out that we only got it yesterday. Got the White paper sent up to Washington, and they seemed to like it, but it is year end money and who knows what we are competing against. But still I was in a good mood as I headed off for an Admin meeting. And I found that whereas we had been told that we could only give x% raises unless we were highly creative within the pot (which I was and squeezed out about another percent on average), that this apparently was not so in other Divisions who were able to go to multiples of this. There are apparently a number of other folk also rather upset about this, as this news now starts to percolate out. So I wrote the usual intemperate e-mail and sadly folk seem more concerned with burying the issue and shutting up the discussion rather than being more open and addressing the fairness and honesty issues - but why should I be surprised ?

So instead of writing the second White Paper tonight, or doing the lecture notes for next week I read (again) Trudi Canavan's "The Magicians' Guild" the start of the trilogy, the final volume of which has just been acquired.


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