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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Yesterday's Hero

I began this blog, in part I suppose to catalog the gradual closing of a career. And the wind blew a little colder today.

We were discussing the leadership of different activities and one came up that has been something I have been positioning us to take advantage of for some time. But the decision has been made that this will be led by the Duchess, with the note that "we need the right dynamo leading the charge." Well let's see there was the command lecture that went down quite well after that, the e-mail from the reporter, for which we have to dig some stuff up ASAP. I guess I could go on massaging my ego, but yep! there is writing on that wall, and if I were only wearing my glasses I could read it.

Hmmm! We have political delegations here intermittently over the next few days - so with critical contract deadlines I wonder how much work we will be able to get done. We got the Boston visit postponed for a couple of weeks, so that eases the pressure a little there - but we need to move the Ohio initiative and then there are all the course notes to do for the class next week. Call a meeting for the morning and distribute the effort.

So now I have three of yesterday's four things ticked off the list. The one that remains is the letter of recommendation (did you guess I hate writing these). A quick check thrugh Google brings 37 immediate citations (but not a blog - though I did not look to see if she has one - because I have no idea how to go about it). The first three paras are easy, but now the work product . . . .

Nine items on todays list - I did five - oops! Gotta stop by the bookstore.


At 2:20 PM, Blogger bitchphd said...

Wow. That is frustrating about the Duchess. What a sobering story. I take from it that identifying yourself with your job is a bad idea, because your job is not going to identify itself with you.

Then again, I suppose one can identify with a vocation: more and more I am amazed at how educational blogs and blogging can be--independent of one's employment/tenure status.

At 9:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a sort of way I have become very tied to my subject. It is relatively unknown to the general public and there are a diminishing number of us academics that play in its sandbox. Thus in part the obfustication about the work since in that small pool I am not the smallest fish.

It does, however, carry some burdens and also rewards, and for a while we received a significant amount of publicity about some of our successes. While it helped my career at the time it created a number of problems with some of my colleagues. And after lo these 40-odd years it is getting time to pass the hat.

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