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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Wisdom of youth

New Kid on the Hallway wrote about Image and the perceptions of folk, and I was reminded of the Advocate coming back to talk to kids, at the High School where he graduated. His talk was about how his audience, the smart kids in the room, felt insecure and poorly achieving, and yet they were, to everyone else, very successful - and he told several anecdotes to the point. (Mainly against himself). I don't think it's something that ever goes away. At the end of a quite successful career I found myself last week thrusting facts into a conversation with the Prince Regent to remind him that we had a certain reputation for something. It probably wasn't needed and probably sounded very ego-centric but it really comes from insecurity.

Our recent debate left us with three new areas that will be a focus for new investment and effort, and they all fall in the area of someone I will call the Mighty Boyar, or Boyar for short. At first I was quite miffed, but realise with a little hindsight that among other things that they are trying to build a couple of things that model something that I helped become quite successful, On the other hand that basic insecurity keeps driving me, even now, to write White Papers and research proposals even as they stretch beyond the time that I plan to hold my current position. And so I begin to debate again, as to when to go ?


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