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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

To quote the cat

Well we're not going to have much time to settle into the semester until the second week in October - quelle joie. And so today was spent trying to stay afloat. In his infinite wisdom the Prince Regent is having everyone justify their budgets again - weren't we here last year ? It is getting somewhat dispiriting to realise that it is always going to be "what have you done for me since breakfast ?" The infighting as to who gets credit for what is foolish and divisive, but at least it is being kept, to some degree, from the faculty in general. Unfortunately I can only see it getting worse. We bring a national leader to the campus and after he has been here a week tell him he has to find half his salary after the end of this semester ! Utter Madness.

Back at the office finally got the last presentation off to Europe, where it arrived OK, copied the paper for Brazil, and told those concerned that we might get an extension on the Boston work. In the delay in purchasing the large toy the price went up $20,000 - and where the . . . . am I supposed to find that ? On the other hand the problem that we were trying to work around with the Ohio work seems to have been solved by someone in California - its just that the price for the system is just the other side of incredibly outrageous. Lets say they added more than a zero to what we might think a decent price - except that, apart from us, I don't think anyone else knows how it works. But, Yikes that's high. Hmm, I wonder how little of it I can get by with getting. Went down to finish the piece for Development, and well let's just say that it looks a little more artistic than originally intended. (That's what you get when you try and show off in front of a class). Arranged to meet the Pole at Frankfurt station on Sunday to see if we can find the hotel together.

Came home and switched on the TV as the Distinguished Majority Leader of the US Senate began to speak. Heard choking noises and the cat threw up all over the carpet. "Nuff said. (Since I had to clean it up). The Actress, normally almost totally non-political just got sworn in as someone who can register folk to vote, prior to going to a rally when I am out of town. Even the new Milladoiro (O Nino do Sol) is not helping with the headache after upgrading lectures to the gentle tones of the Convention.


At 1:03 AM, Blogger obstreperous_girl said...

That's funny, my cat urinated on the carpet for the first time ever last night while the tv was on. The cats are rising up in revolt.


strange coincidence.

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