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Monday, August 09, 2004

So I Made a List

It only had four things on it, but I need to get them done, but at the end of the day had only done two. The most important was the lecture to be given tomorrow. The Tsar (a better title than Number One I think) won't be there, though I guess that is not that important any longer. Decided to intro with the Hubbert's Peak premonitions of imminent energy problems since they help to explain the current gas prices and so into the spiel. So happily gathered data this morning, there was a good (read cynical) Danish Conference that I downloaded from last year (but can't immediately remember where from). And then we discussed the candidates (is it cheating to have attending a meeting as something achieved on the list ?) We rescued one from the discards and deleted three that leaves six to move on to the next stage, And that is all I did virtually all day.

Oh there were a couple of chats with colleagues and a grad student, and - how could I forget - the tests for Tenessee worked. Here I can confess that I actually didn't think we'd get as good a number as we did. Now all we have to do is to convince someone to put up the money - sigh! But they are interested. Everything is burbling along, just a little more pressure than totally comfortable - we need to get back to the stuff for Boston . . .

Well I'm now over half-way through "Elvenblood", the Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey sequel to "Elvenband" and horrors!
just found that there was a third volume. Now I need to chase that down. If it's not one thing . . . . .


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