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Friday, August 13, 2004

Short shrift . .

Well this is interesting. Came in this morning to find that the two papers on my chair yesterday, that I then spent the morning reviewing, were actually sent because they are part of the session I am chairing in Germany and were only sent for my information. Then on to the first phone interview. And through the wonders of the Internet check on the things that the candidate is saying. There is a Powerpoint presentation within the Website. Download it and read it. Abstract it and later send it to the rest of the committee. The numbers will speak for themselves.

Work on the presentations for Germany and then there is an e-mail message from the Dauphin. Am I aware of the meeting looking into our Boston and Oklahoma work. What meeting ? I make some joke about expecting a clean handkerchief and a good brand of cigarette. Not being informed or invited and even the very fact that there is some form of meeting, given the attendees is, to be polite, intriguing. Especially since the technology is so promising. But why are they meeting without informing us ?

A strangely quiet afternoon, and then home to see the start of the Olympics. The Actress is off at the Theatre.


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