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Monday, August 02, 2004

Sand Castles

Sort of struggling to get through the Thomas Frank book last night I came up with the gestation of another thunk. In the wee hours after 4 am it grew. the thought came that to the Actress I was lying, a transiently useless lump, while within my head miriads of mental minions built, grain by grain a towering edifice of sand. So did I pass the time from 4 am to 6, filling out, and building on this crazy idea. Leaving the house at 6:45 am the cold slap in the face from the morning did bring a dash of reality to the process.

But then after getting to work I reviewed what it was that had got my colleague to throw down the hat, and I thought it would be worth chasing a little further. So I sent off a little note, to run it by a couple of those who will decide and have now met with the first. The second is scheduled for 4 pm. And so far there has been no show stopper. The only thing, of course, is that it is stopping work on a couple of other efforts that could also give rise to funding. So where to go? Well given that it so far hasn't taken more than a couple of hours there is little . . .

The Administrator just came in and told me that the young daughter of one of my former grad students was killed by a drunk driver -


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