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Sunday, August 22, 2004

The quiet shattered

So here I am, a quiet read before bed. Picked up "The Dark Path" by Walter Hunt yesterday, and it is a sequel. So nip down stairs and check and there it lies "The Dark Wing." So tonight I start to read it and begin to get that feeling and yes there is the damning sentence . .

page 103 "with the sword-and-sun of the Empire surrounded by a pair of white roses, emblem of the LANCASTER . . . ."

Shriek! Lie on the floor and wave my arms ! Mutter foul imprecations !

Cough, clear the throat, All stand

"For here's to the RED rose,
The Lancaster RED rose,
Old John O'Gaunt's RED rose,
The Royal School's RED rose."

Need I go on (No ! All the neighborhood cats are howling)


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