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Monday, August 16, 2004

Quiet at last

The whirlwind that seems to have seized my moments has still not stopped. Self-promises to work on the presentations at night are defeated by, the theater, an invitation to dinner, and tonight friends whose child (and husband) return to China on Saturday. They came round to share our reminiscences and their immediate memories. So I am still one paper presentation and two course presentations short for this week. (Since today was taken by another Congressional visit).

My intent was to blog about the Advocate who is 29 today, and is spending it, as he has the last two or three, as the medic at a camp for disadvantaged inner city kids with AIDS out East. I can be a little more descriptive of him than of the Engineer, who turned 26 on Wednesday past since the younger child is a Grad Student at a place where, if I am not mistaken, one of the visitors to this site also resides. These are the true riches that have come from the past years. I was then going to go on and talk about why I am not that equivalently financially rich as a lead in to a discussion about Universities and patents. (About which I have been very disillusioned for a number of years). However it seems that for the first time in three days the house is quiet and I can just rest, and so my little diatribe will wait, while I return to the land of "Elvenborn", having finished "First Rider"s Call" which was better than "Green Rider." The Actress alas is now well into Menopause, which means that there are good days and bad. Yesterday was a good day.


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